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Budtender Spotlight: Zay Garcia is cheefin on that Arcata Fire!

So, I have been on a quest to find an extract company that focuses on pureness and quality and let me tell you Arcata fire is all that times ten. My personal favorite consistency and strain from them is the Raspberry Sauce, the taste on that strain from these guys is probably most pleasant dabbing experience I've had. from the smell to the taste to the clean nail after every dab these guys are the epitome of craft cannabis extracts, always fire is a statement that holds weight with this company. don't sleep on Arcata fire extracts you won't be disappointed I promise you, if you're interested in trying products from these guys click on the image above to see the available retailers or come down to our shop the gas station 760 1005 e Broadway Needles California. only place in the tri-state area that has Arcata fire is here.

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